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Dzięki tej usłudze, przedsiębiorcy zyskali możliwość zapewnienia sobie pełnej obsługi biurowej, bez konieczności fizycznej obecności firmy czy jej przedstawiciela w danym miejscu

The experience in servicing entrepreneurs gained over the years has allowed us to expand our basic services and guarantee our clients comprehensive service for your business.

The Virtual Office service is quite a commonly used solution almost all over the world. Thanks to this service, entrepreneurs have gained the ability to provide full office services without the need for the physical presence of the company or its representative in a given location. It is an excellent way to reduce the costs associated with renting office space and hiring office workers, and at the same time allows the company to have a prestigious location, which is often the basis for market success.

The experience in servicing entrepreneurs gained over the years has allowed us to expand our basic services and guarantee our clients comprehensive service for your business. Thanks to this, you can already use your registration address, accounting office services and legal services. We are characterized primarily by flexibility and individual approach to each client. We try to provide services at the highest possible level. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our services.

Our Virtual Office is located in Warsaw, in two locations: Chmielna Street and Nowy Świat. These are very prestigious and popular among clients, located on one of the most expensive streets in Poland. Our virtual office addresses are conducive to business development due to the close proximity of large enterprises, convenient access and prestigious location. The services offered by us, combined with an attractive price, allow for business development at low cost.

At the same time, thanks to the virtual office service, an entrepreneur can be anywhere in the world with a prestigious location at his disposal. An additional advantage of using the service is security, because not every contractor has to know the entrepreneur’s private address.


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Our service is more than just a virtual office. It is cooperation with creative, imaginative, enterprising people with vision and passion for business development. We care about your success, so choosing us is a guarantee of help.
As part of the .XYZ virtual office service, our clients receive their company registration address, correspondence address and comprehensive inbound mail handling. For our part, we make sure that letters addressed to our Clients are received on an ongoing basis, scanned and forwarded via e-mail to the Client. We store the correspondence until it is received, we can also send it back to you at your expense.

Additionally, each Client can use the access to the conference rooms in each of our offices, for an additional fee. Thanks to cooperation with Virtual Office .XYZ, you will significantly reduce the costs of your business, eliminating the cost of renting a stationary office and hiring employees to operate it.


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One of the basic rules is that we do not apply any limits and surcharges in connection with the receipt of correspondence by us on behalf of the Client, which is common market practice among other virtual offices. No matter how many letters we receive on behalf of the Client and no matter how many pages we have to scan, the price of the service will remain the same.

An unquestionable advantage for our clients is the possibility to rent a conference room for meetings.

Signing a cooperation agreement is associated with minimal formalities. We can do it remotely (by mail) or personally during a visit to our office. The procedure related to signing the agreement in the office will not take longer than 30 minutes.

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